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5 Plants That Give Oxygen – Grand Tourio

Trees are a vital and valuable component which helps to improve the environment in many different ways. But nowadays due to deforestation on a large scale is resulting in heavy damage to different species of trees and quality of land. Still, 30% of Earth’s land is under forest area, but cutting down of trees is having a negative impact on the environment. The most dangerous effects are a loss of habitat for millions of species. The rate at which global warming is rising is very high and it’s our moral responsibility to save our environment, save our trees by avoiding cutting down of trees.

Trees act as a natural filter which eliminates dust, pollution and smoke from the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Basically, trees inhale the carbon dioxide present in the air and releases oxygen. As day by day, the proportion of carbon dioxide (CO2) is increasing in the atmosphere it is indirectly affecting climate change. Trees help to combat this climate change by producing extra oxygen. Do you know if you stay surrounded by greenery or number of trees, your Blood Pressure automatically drops and your stress decreases? Trees also help to reduce the surrounding temperature. The level of oxygen in the atmosphere is going down. Hence it has become very essential to start planting as many trees as possible for our future.

So, here we have brought a list of plants which produces the most amount of oxygen.

1. Areca Palm

This plant takes Carbon Dioxide and converts it into oxygen. In addition to that, it also removes harmful pollutants from the air. It purifies the surrounding air by removing chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and xylene. The Areca Palm should always be kept in filtered light and requires often watering. Often watering does not mean overwatering. So, keep watering the plants in a certain interval of time but in proper proportion. Also, try to keep the plant posing southwest or west.

2. Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a superb air purifier and ideal to be kept in your bedroom. Snake Plant converts a large amount of Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen during night time because of the ability to perform a special type of photosynthesis called  Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). It is also proven that the Snake Plant can absorb poisonous gas and release oxygen during the night time.

The Snake Plant can remain in direct sunlight or even in low light conditions. But, bright light conditions with little sunlight is preferred.

Always be careful while watering this type of plant so as to make sure that you keep the plant moist, not wet. Water only when required. It is fine even if you water the plant in every 2-3 weeks.

3. Money Plant

Apart from benefits such as to bring prosperity and luck, money plant is also known to increase the oxygen flow in its surroundings. This plant actually improves the quality of air by converting toxins present in the air into oxygen. This plant can easily be grown in a water-filled container without any soil. The optimum temperature required by a money plant to grow is between 10-30 Degrees. If the temperature goes below 10 then dark spots occur and leaves become yellow. The money plant requires frequent watering.

4. Gerbera Daisy

This plant is mostly used for decorative purpose. But many people don’t know that this small plant produces a high amount of oxygen during the night time. Gerbera Daisy is very beneficial for them who are suffering from breathing disorders and sleeping issues.

Gerbera Daisy is easily susceptible to disease hence proper planting and watering is very essential.

This plant requires frequent monitoring and regular watering to keep the soil moist. This plant grows well in bright sunlight during the summer season and requires indirect sunlight during winter.

5.  Lady Palm

These bushy plants are the best when it comes to emitting a large amount of oxygen. Lady Palm is among the top ten plants to be used as an indoor air purifier due to its high capacity of absorbing ammonia, toluene and xylene from the air.

Always plant your lady palm towards the east facing window and avoid direct sunlight. Lady Palm can easily adapt to any type of soil. This plant grows very well in the soil which is rich in organic matter. Lady Palm requires very less maintenance.

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