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How to Save Water?

Here Grand Tourio will try to give some very basic tips and ways of saving or preserving the most valuable resource of the planet earth. We say basic because you all know that but it so very natural for a human being to forget that water is so valuable in today’s time and we should not take even a bucket of water for granted! People very casually use water which ends up in wastage of so many liters of water. Grand Tourio today again reiterates all those basic tips and ways of saving water that you might have heard from school time and elders when you were young but you didn’t live upto the promise of not wasting water in your daily life!

As saving water is the need of time, we just need to find the ways to save the water as well as the ways to use it. The sea level water is increasing day by day that is too salty for human use and we are lacking fresh water we use in our daily life like for drinking, food, bath & other activities etc. You have seen many water conservation movements held by Government, NGO’s, Institutions. However, have you ever taken this thing seriously? If not then you still have time to start the water conservation from your end. Here are some tips about water conservation that would definitely help you to save a lot of water.

Save Rivers From Pollution:

As the industrial development took place, manufacturing & refining companies damaged the purity of fresh water that we get from the rivers. If we are able to stop or control this, then we can save fresh water for daily usage. This would be a very effective way to save the water as well as we can save a huge amount of water at a time. The saved water can be used for our own future.

Use Water Meters To Limit Usage:

By fitting water meters on the main pipeline, we can get the idea about our water usage. This method will help us to count the accurate water usage parameters. This will help us to get the exact count of water usage on Ward level, a Local level as well as the city level. Step By Step we can save water at a high level.

Government Initiative:

The government should take an initiative to save the water. Government should restrict the water usage house by house in urban areas because most of the water is used in these areas. The Government should levy some charge for using water more than a limit. The Government should be strict about the water usage concern. The government has to make policies about water consumption on different levels.

Safety of Pipelines

You have heard the news about pipelines bursting events in many areas. This has caused the water shortage at a major level. Water Pipeline Spills has caused because of illegal slums around the pipeline & this has wasted a huge amount of water. To avoid such incidents, the government should rehabilitate the people to the other area.

Use Reasonable Water For Toilet:

Use a reasonable amount of water in the toilet, do not waste too much water in flushing. For aroma, you can use fragrances instead of wasting water in the toilet to get rid of the smell.

This may seem like a small solution but this can save tones of water monthly if every member in the house follows this rule.

Rain Water Harvesting:

It is the modern way to conserve the water. You can use this modern hack at your home, building, office etc. You can save rainwater on a huge level by adopting this method & use it for the toilet, cleaning purposes because it is not drinkable water. In this method, you fix a container on the top of a roof so the rainwater can be stored in it for later usage. Many locals have adopted this trick & have saved tonnes of water. This is a more effective trick which has less cost.

Use Can For Gardening:

One can save your lot of water in gardening. If you use pipe for watering then stop watering that way, instead use Watering Can. Watering by a pipe can waste the water as well as it can harm the leaves & can drive away the soil.

Use Bucket Instead Of a Shower

A shower takes a lot of water for bathing so it is better to use a bucket with a definite quantity of water. By using the bucket, you can understand the amount of water you are using. This way you can save a lot of water otherwise one doesn’t care how much water is being wasted in the shower. People spend an hour taking baths because they are under the shower or spending time in the bath tub which also requires a lot of water. A human being requires a max of 2 buckets of water and this way the whole family saves on so much of water consumption.

Water is life. You can live 30 days without food but you can’t survive more than a week without water. About 98% of water is locking in the sea & we are using only 2% of water among which we use 70% for foods. Rest 30% of water consumption is for another usage. If we do not take any step for conserving water then we would be lacking water. So we hope that you all take a step towards saving water as well as saving future. Do not forget to use these tips as Grand Tourio truly believes that once you have made your mind for doing something, you have the power to make it happen.