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Laws That You Are Unaware Of – Grand Tourio

Indian Constitution is a very complex structure. India has a hybrid legal system which comprises of civil, religious, common and custom laws. Also , each religion has their separate laws like in some of the states in India registering marriage is not mandatory. It is very difficult to count the exact numbers of laws in India. There are many number of laws in Indian Constitution for protecting our rights but most of the people in the county are not even aware of the basic laws. So here we have brought a list of Laws which every Indian citizen should be aware of.

Indian Sarais Act, 1887

According to India Sarais Act, a person can ask for water from any Hotel. Also , any person can use the washroom free of charge If he wants to. The Hotel cannot stop the person from using any these facilities even if the Hotel is 7-star or 5-star.

Maximum Retail Price Act, 2014

As per the Maximum Retail Price Act, the shopkeeper cannot charge more price than that of printed on the Bill but at the same the consumer can bargain for the lesser price as printed on the bill.

Motor Vehicle Act

While driving if your 100ml blood contains 30mg of alcohol content then according to Motor Vehicle Act 1988, section -185 202 , police have right to arrest you without any warrant issued.

Police Act, 1861

According to Police Act, 1861, a police officer is always on duty even if he is not wearing his uniform. If any victim ask for his help or submit a complaint anytime then he can’t deny by saying that he is off duty and cannot help.

Automotive Bill, 2016

According to this law if you are already fined for crime like riding a bike without helmet then you will not be fined on the same day for the same reason.

Law of Custody Section 167

According to Law of Custody in India, an accused has to be produced before the magistrate within 24 hours. If the police fail to produce him within 24 hours the accused is released no matter whatever be the offence.

The Citizen Charter – IOC

According to the Citizen Charter if there is gas cylinder blast then the gas agency is liable to pay a compensation of 50 Lakhs. The victim has to lodge a FIR in a nearby police station and submit it to the gas agency.