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Who Is Manoj Bhargava?

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian American Businessman, philanthropist and CEO of energy drink producing company named 5-hour energy. He is one of the richest Indian staying in the US. He also leads an LLC named Billions in Change whose main goal is to develop technologies that could help the world in eradicating major issues like poverty, water scarcity, electricity etc. The main objective of this corporation is that the world must be able to obtain basic needs like clean water, free electricity and enough food.

Manoj is also a member of “The Giving Pledge” campaign and one of the Billionaires who has promised to donate 99% of his earnings to charity. He is also funding the construction of many hospitals in India. Manoj used his wealth to build a philanthropic shop named “stage2innovations”. This shop develops inventions to make people live better.

Early Life

Manoj Bhargava was born in India and later moved to Philadelphia, the US with his family. In his early life, he did a variety of jobs such as Business Manager, clerk, taxi driver and even labourer. In 1990 he started a plastics raw material company. After making almost $20 million from that company he sold it to a private firm in 2006.  In 2004, he created a consumer based company named Living Essentials which produced one of the most famous products “5-hour Energy” in the US. He is also the founder of The Hans Foundation along with Shweta Rawat. The Hans Foundation has undertaken almost 400 projects in India. These include improving the facilities of schools and hospitals in India. Creating awareness regarding women education in India.  The foundation also focusses on improving Healthcare facilities. The aim of this foundation is to provide quality facilities to all the people irrespective of caste and religion.

Billions In Change –   A Movement

Billions In Change is led by Manoj Bhargava who believes that you don’t have to be rich to make a difference.  Manoj Bhargava started this movement because he thinks that the problem he is aiming for cannot be solved by a single organization. It has to be a movement where many organizations come forward, collaborate and help to make this world a better place to live. Billions In Change talks about inventions. They invest in creating free electricity, free clean water, free fertilizers and nutritious food.  According to them, these are the fundamental things which every human being on this planet deserves. Solutions to these four fundamental problems is a key to fight the world’s biggest problems.
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Contribution in the form of Innovations.

Manoj Bhargava has a team of scientist who works day and night to develop the most innovative inventions which can actually bring change to people life.

Free Electricity.

A cycle has been invented by Manoj Bhargava and his team which can generate 24 hours of electricity if it is paddled for 1 hour. This cycle can run a fan, light up 24 bulbs, charge a smartphone when paddled for only an hour. The cycle is pollution free and costs in between 12,000 to 15,000. This bicycle helps people to generate their own electricity from home.

Free Water

Water is one of the most fundamental things yet 660 million of the world’s population does not have clean water to drink. Hence, developing something which can purify water from seas, rivers can be life-changing. The solution to this problem is Rainmaker developed by Manoj Bhargava and his team of scientist. The Rainmaker for Greywater can purify almost 8 gallons of water per minute. This RainMaker is fit to purify all types of polluted water and can be installed and use immediately. This can make purify any source of water fit for drinking.

The RainMaker for Brackish Water removes salts and minerals from brackish water and makes it for consumption. It can clean 5-8 gallons of water in a minute.

Unlimited Energy

Hans PowerPack and Hand Solar Brief Case can help you eliminate the problem of electricity. The HANS PowerPack can easily generate and store energy for use. This Hans Powerpack can be charged using the solar briefcase. Mostly in rural areas where electricity is a big issue, a combination of PowerPack and Solar Briefcase will give them free and unlimited electricity. The HANS Powerpack can work up to 150 hours in just 3.5 hours of charge by Solar briefcase.
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